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Head Office: 944 J. P. Rizal St, Poblacion, Makati City, Manila, Philippines
Clinic 2: Rm209 VRP Medical center 163 EDSA, Mandaluyong City Manila Philippines
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Physical Locations:

944 J. P. Rizal.
Makati City

Rm209 VRP Medical center
163 EDSA, Mandaluyong City
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Holiday or dental work difficult choice, you can only afford one or the other. Those teeth have been bothering you forever. Then again how long is it since you had a decent holiday.

NOW you can have BOTH in the.
The Philippines logo
The Philippines logo
We'll pick you up at the airport in one of our fleet of luxury SUV's, with our friendly English drivers, and drive you to the hotel of your choice". All the hotels we recommend have that comforting ambiance which embraces you as you step into the lobby and the staff that welcomes you with their amiable smiles and excellent service.

For you appointments we'll pick you up and take you to our clinic to meet your gentle but extremely qualified dentist and their team, to arrange your dental work.

We will rent you a cell phone so you can keep in contact with us, your friends, and relatives back home.

We will show you around the town or rent you a car, with or without a driver. You can visit some of our beautiful countryside, go shopping, or whatever takes your fancy. We have something for everyone. The Philippines has some of the best, if not the best beaches in Asia.

English speaking friendly courteous people, great shopping at very low prices, great food, and fantastic entertainment. Here in the Philippines we have state of the art communications, good transport systems and highways.

Whatever you were paying for your dental work now we can save you up to 80%. That saving is enough for a vacation. You will return home with cash back in your bank account and a new relaxed confident outlook on life.

After a couple of weeks in the Philippines you may not want to go home.
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Regines Hotel Interior
Regines Hotel Interior
Regines Hotel Interior
Regines Hotel Interior

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